9 Affirmations for Success in School

Everyone who’s ever attended school knows that struggles are inevitable. However, you can change your mindset from a negative one to a positive one.

Here are nine affirmations to help you succeed in school:

  1. “I am intelligent.”
  2. “My work represents my best efforts.”
  3. “I can do hard things.”
  4. “I have constructive friendships.”
  5. “I am supported by my professors/teachers.”
  6. “I make the best use of my time.”
  7. “My future self will thank me for this.”
  8. “I trust myself.”
  9. “I have an attitude of gratitude.”

When you’re having a hard time getting through the school day, use these affirmations to ground and re-center. Read on for more about how they can help you.

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1. “I am intelligent”

It’s no secret that some classes can make us feel less than intelligent. When you’re struggling in school, it’s important to remember that your courses are designed to be challenging. If you were to only take classes on subject matter that you are familiar with, you would not be learning anything.

When you feel overwhelmed by your course load or feel that you’re not as smart as others, remind yourself that intelligence is not simply weighed by one’s grades. Intellect is a spectrum, and everyone’s brand of intellect is unique.

2. “My work represents my best efforts”

Anyone who’s ever attended school will know that we don’t always submit our best work. This might be because of an illness or an important life event or simply because we procrastinate. Either way, it’s important that you remember that your work represents the best you could have accomplished at any time.

It’s also valuable to understand that your “best” efforts vary from day to day. One day you might be able to knock out a ten-page essay, while the next day, you may struggle with a single paragraph. Our “best” is dependent on our circumstances and mindset, so be patient with yourself and keep doing the best that you can.

3. “I can do hard things”

School can feel impossible sometimes. When you’re just beginning, and you’re in your freshman year, graduation feels eons away. When you’re an upperclassman, work feels difficult because you just want to be finished. In the end, the work gets done, and you’ll walk across the stage victorious with your diploma in hand.

To get to graduation, you must remind yourself that you can do hard things. You’ve already gotten this far along on your journey. You have the strength to accomplish all the tasks ahead of you. They’ll get done in time, and you’ll stay strong the whole way. Keep this positive affirmation constantly on your mind.

4. “I have constructive friendships”

One of the most important parts of any school experience is the relationships you will develop. Especially at college, there are plenty of extracurricular clubs and organizations you can join to meet like-minded people. If you’re a part of a faith group, seek out your school’s chapter. If you play a sport, check out your school’s intramural leagues.

When you make friends in school, it’s important to make sure those friends are ones who build you up instead of tearing you down. Don’t feel like you must be friends with the first people you meet at school. Take time to get to know new people who encourage you to pursue your dreams. Remind yourself that you have constructive friendships, then foster those bonds.

5. “I am supported by my professors/teachers”

Depending on where your passions are, there’s probably a professor or teacher whose class you’ll fall in love with. For example, English students might love a specific genre, such as poetry or screenwriting. Biology students might find a lab particularly fascinating. What makes a class even more moving and enjoyable is the professor.

One of the exciting parts of higher education is the ability to form relationships with professors. They often hold what are called “open office hours” which allow students to drop in and ask questions about the curriculum or even just sit and chat. Encourage yourself to pursue academic support from your favorite professors – they’ll be sure to help you succeed.

6. “I make the best use of my time”

Particularly in college, it’s tempting to prioritize social events over academics. While it’s important to make friends with new people and enjoy yourself, you’ve got to balance that with your studies. Remember that you’re not in school to party – you’re in school to learn.

That being said, safe social events can be constructive. Instead of going to a drinking event, you might choose to attend a gathering with a club or organization on campus that supports your academic pursuits. This way, you’ll be making the best use of your off-time. Instead of choosing to either only party or only keep your head in the books, balance work and relaxation.

7. “My future self will thank me for this”

Though it’s important to stay in the present moment when in school, you should also keep your eyes on your goal: graduation. As mentioned previously, it’s tempting to choose partying over studying. However, you should ask yourself: what actions will my future self thank me for?

It’s okay to take some off-time from your work as long as you’re acting wisely and have completed your work, but make sure that you keep Future You in mind. What will he or she think about what you’re doing right now? Use this affirmation to make him or her proud.

8. “I trust myself”

In school, success doesn’t always look traditional. Some people finish high school in four years or less in their teenage years, while others get their GED later in life. The same goes for college: some people take four-year tracks while others can take over a decade to finish their degree. Some colleges even offer 100% online degree options.

The University of Massachusetts system offers online programs for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate programs, which can be a great option for people who are already working full-time. The University of Phoenix is another popular option, allowing students to get their degrees entirely online. You have plenty of options to choose from, so if your path looks untraditional, don’t worry.

9. “I have an attitude of gratitude”

Don’t forget how lucky you are to be in school – not everyone can say they’ve graduated high school or college. When you are feeling like a failure or when you’re having a bad day, remind yourself that you have a great advantage. You can study a subject that interests you and take classes that stimulate your mind.

When frustrating times come around, see if you can cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Turn thoughts like “this project is impossible” into “this project challenges my way of thinking.” With help from this affirmation, you can turn a bad experience into a constructive one.


High school and college can be some of the hardest years of your life, but they can also be some of the most rewarding. Your success strongly depends on your ability to focus your energy and keep a positive mindset. One of the best ways to change your thoughts is to use affirmations.

Keep telling yourself that you are intelligent and that you can accomplish hard tasks. You have a support system, and you spend your time wisely. Remember why you are doing what you’re doing. Make sure that your future self will thank you for what you’re accomplishing right now. I hope these affirmations help you get through hard times and turn them into the best years of your life yet.


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