What Is Self-Esteem?

what is self esteem?

Every individual’s perception of everything around them is shaped by their beliefs. This belief system is dynamic and evolves based on your experiences in life. That is how you navigate the uncharted terrain of immensely diversified people and situations every single day. But the belief system is not limited to the outside world. You also … Read more

How to Regain Confidence After Trauma (5 Effective Tips)

regain confidence after trauma

After experiencing trauma, coming back to confidence and peacefulness can feel overwhelming. Trauma can often separate us from feeling good in our bodies and minds, but there are ways to counter those feelings. Here are five effective tips for regaining confidence after trauma: Seek therapeutic help Build a support system Establish a “new normal” Move your … Read more

How to Be More Confident and Outgoing

confident and outgoing

There are few things worse than feeling shy and uncomfortable. With our world becoming increasingly more anxiety-inducing, many of us are stuck wondering how to become more confident and outgoing. So, how to become more confident and outgoing? The key is to be honest about your weaknesses and to take time to become the person you want … Read more

How to Be Confident When You’re Skinny

How to be confident when you're skinny

Who’s never felt bad about their body? It can feel impossible to develop confidence when you’re skinny. Social media and advertisements show the modern-day “perfect body” – usually curvaceous and totally toned, with not a flaw in sight. Want to know how to be confident when you’re skinny? Here are a few strategies: Let health be … Read more