What Is Positivity?

We don’t just have one state of mind; we have many, and they can be very different. Depending on the time, situation or unique predicament, you use these different states of mind to perceive the world around you. They serve as the lense that help you see the world. Positivity is one of these lenses.

We all know what positivity means. But at the same time, it is also something that has been greatly misunderstood. In the modern world, it has become something of a cliche and a bandaid solution that people prescribe for any and all problems.

It, however, goes much deeper than that. As they say, the iceberg is much larger than what you can see on the surface.

Positivity is more than just a state of mind if you think about it. It is more of a practice. It is a particular way of life. What many people may not understand is that positivity doesn’t necessarily mean living a life of complete happiness or not feeling the emotions that are on the darker side of the emotional spectrum.

It is more about what you do when life inevitably brings you to your knees or drags you through the mud. The operative word there is “do”.

Positivity serves as your default programming. One that allows you to tap into your infinite inner potential and even turn your adversities into opportunities.

It helps you do away with the noise and lets you respond to a situation mindfully instead of reacting to it haphazardly. That is what positivity is or should be. It is a force of optimism with practicality at its heart.

Why Is Positivity Important?

When you are little, everything is great. You don’t have a single care in the world. As you grow up, you soon realize that the path of life is not quite as smooth as you once imagined.

It has twists and turns, challenges and rewards, responsibilities and freedom, and basically any duality you can think of. To navigate through life more smoothly, positivity is a necessary tool.

Positivity is really important in all facets of life. It acts as your valuable companion and it would benefit you greatly if you to let it come along for the ride. The following are the top reasons positivity is important.

1. It Helps You Turn Adversities Into Opportunities

Life inevitably brings challenges and obstacles at times, and your first reaction might be that of fear and panic. Of course, nobody can teach you how to deal with every single obstacle that life throws at you.

You have to figure it out for yourself. If you have a positive state of mind, you will deal with a situation much more calmly. Not only will you be able to overcome the challenge, but you might also even turn it into an opportunity!

2. People Gravitate Towards You

It is quite obvious that people want to be around those people who lift them up, not people who bring them down. Pessimistic people or people who are too “realistic” for their own good might have a negative influence on the people around them.

Positive people, on the other hand, exude calm, and relaxing energy and people gravitate towards them. More people equals more connections, which might lead to more opportunities for growth and success.

3. Greater Happiness

If you live your life with positivity, you will always be happier. Because you see things through positive eyes, those things that may have previously chipped away at your happiness no longer exist, and you feel much optimistic and upbeat.

The most important thing here is that you no longer rely on external stimuli to feel happy. It comes from inside you. When you become your own powerhouse of happiness, you can achieve amazing things. Also, the people around you will be inspired to live their lives in a more positive way.

4. Better Health

Many studies have shown that positive people lead healthier lives. When you are positive, you are happy. And when you are happy, your body produces more “feel good” hormones. Also, your immune system gets a boost which wards off diseases.

People who are stressed out all the time are much more likely to suffer from heart disease or mental disorders. Therefore, it is more important than ever to adopt a positivity-filled life.

5. Faster Manifestation of Your Desires

You might have heard of the law of attraction. It states that the universe brings to you what you think and feel about the most. Naturally, if you feel positivity, you will be provided with people, things and situations that will bring even more positivity in your life.

Since you won’t have any negativity holding you back, your dreams and desires will get manifested much faster.

Is Positivity A Skill?

Each one of us is different, and the difference is most apparent in our varying mindsets. So, naturally, there are people for whom positivity will come naturally.

They were born with that state of mind, and it only got enhanced they grew. But for many people, it just doesn’t come so naturally, no matter how hard they try. However, it doesn’t mean these people can’t cultivate that positivity.

In many ways, positivity can be considered as a skill. Through practice, it can be developed and honed. It entails rewiring your brain and your emotions. It certainly is no easy process. It might take you some time to learn this skill, but if you keep at it, it will indeed happen.

It also depends on how receptive you are to change. If your inner self is more resistive, you will have to put in more work. If you are more open to it, it will come to you faster. No matter how much effort it takes, it is all worth it because of the benefits it will bring. Positivity is definitely an important skill to have.

How Can Positivity Change Your Life?

How you perceive the world basically dictates how your life will be. That is because your decisions will depend on how you think about things, people and situations. It is the sum total of these decisions that determine the quality of your life.

With positivity at the helm, you make better decisions as they are guided not by volatile emotions but by calm and careful consideration.

Then there is the matter of the law of attraction. It is the fundamental law that is at the core of our existence. As stated above, positivity will lead to more positivity. And who wouldn’t want to live a much more positive life? It brings happiness, joy and fulfilment.

That is all that anybody really wants. And if you can change your current state of life to these higher levels of energies and emotions, your life will effectively be transformed forever.

Take a look at this great video about The Power of Positive Thinking

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Can Positivity Lead To Happiness?

It most definitely can. Thoughts, for the large part, determine how you feel. Think about it for a second. If you are thinking about things you like, say a loved one or something as simple as your favourite food, you will be filled with “feel good” emotions like joy, happiness, ecstasy, etc.

Now, if you are thinking about something bad that happened to you years ago, dwelling on it will most definitely fill you with negative emotions like fear, anger, despair, etc.

So, it is clear that there is a direct relationship between what you think and how you feel. So, if you think positive thoughts and feel positivity permeate your entire being, you will definitely give rise to positive emotions like happiness.

You may have noticed this yourself on countless occasions. It is just a matter of being able to sustain that happiness, by sustaining the positivity in your life.

Can Positive Thinking Improve Your Health?

This is a topic that was hotly debated once upon a time. Sceptics used to question how merely thinking positive thoughts could contribute to better health.

However, researchers have been continuously studying the effects that positive thinking has on your health. And the results are quite interesting. Most studies have concluded that positive thinking results in better health and in a really big way.

Some health benefits of positive thinking include lower rates of depression, lower levels of stress, increased life span, better immune system, greater psychological and physical well-being, better heart health, reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, etc.

As you can see, there are many benefits. It might be safe to say that positive thinking acts as your shield against a lot of diseases and disorders.

There is one more way you could look at this. Being positive helps you ward off the negative emotions. These negative emotions lead to stress, anxiety, depression and other similar emotions.

It is a well-known fact that these emotions have an adverse effect on your health. They cause several disorders and diseases that can even be fatal if allowed to persist. As they say, stress and anxiety are silent killers. By being positive, you keep them at bay, thereby, promoting better health.

How Do You Develop A Positive Attitude?

As mentioned above, positivity is more like a skill that you can develop over time. If it comes naturally to you, that is awesome. However, if it doesn’t, there are certain things you can do that will help you.

1. Remind Yourself That You Are In Control

You are always in control of your life, no matter how different situations may make you think otherwise. Sure, certain situations might be out of your hands, but the way you respond and feel is completely in your hands. You need to own up to that fact and get it in your head that if you want to change, it will have to come from within.

2. Look At Things From Different Perspectives

Reality is not black and white, but different shades of grey. What may seem bad to you might actually be good if viewed from a different perspective. Even the darkest of clouds can have a silver lining. Remind yourself of this when dealing with any situation, especially the bad ones.

3. Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a really powerful practice. It can change you for the better from the inside out. Practicing gratitude serves as a continuous reminder of how much you already have in your life. It makes you more positive and confident in your ability to achieve even more.

4. Ignore Naysayers

There are a lot of sceptics out there. They always see the downside to a situation and try to drag everyone else down with them. But just remember that their contribution to society and their negative mindset is about as useful as a chocolate teapot. If you have people like this in your life, simply ignore them!

It is the doers, the risk-takers, and the believers who bring about change and build better, happier lives.

5. Use Positive Words

Your mind monitors everything you say, think and feel. Whether it’s your inner voice or outer voice, you need to make sure it is only saying positive words.

That is because words have great power. They shape your perception of the world. Your perception determines your decisions, and your decisions shape your life. So, use positive words to describe anything in your life.

A good exercise is to do daily positive affirmations to put yourself in a positive mindset for the day.


As stated above, you are in control of the attitude you have. Why not make it a positive one? There are so many benefits and positive outcomes of positive thinking that it is would be hard to find an excuse to not start adopting it right away.

If you are committed, you will completely transform your life for the better. That is something to aspire to, that is something to live for.

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